Chongqing kerun biological medicine research and development co., LTD., founded in 1997, formerly known as chongqing water group's biomedical research institute, focus on the research and development of recombinant protein drugs.

After nearly 20 years of development, the company established a mature yeast expression technology platform and e. coli expression technology platform, is now actively preparing mammalian cell expression platform. Has from the project, the upstream building, protein expression, technology development, quality control, to register to declare the specification of the system of drug development. At present, the company has successfully developed the 5 recombinant protein drugs, in addition, there are multiple treatment with recombinant protein drugs in research, products related to tumor, cardiovascular, metabolic and other major disease areas.

Technology platform

State-level certified and system development capability


Multiple research projects and  broad market prospects


Master core technology and  cover many fields